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Band Tip: Facebook Page URLs

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

TL;DR: If your band’s Facebook address looks like this: facebook.com/Great-Big-Band-Name-193726583, you should update it to something like this: facebook.com/thebestband.

Keep It Familiar

Try to keep your Facebook user name as close to your band name as possible. If your band is The Best Band, and the TheBestBand is taken, then try something like TheBestBandHouston.

Keep It Short

To avoid confusing your fans, keep your user name short, and avoid numbers, hyphens, and non-traditonal spellings.

Keep It Consistent

Keep all your social media names consistent. If you’re TheBestBand on Twitter, then try to get TheBestBand on Instagram and Facebook, too. Ideally, you’ll keep trying until your name is consistent across all platforms.

In our previous example, TheBestBand was taken already on Facebook, but TheBestBandHouston wasn’t, so you’d want to try and get TheBestBandHouston on Instagram and Twitter, too.

A good Facebook user name will not only make it easier to tell people where to find your band, it will make it easier for them to remember where to find you. If you need any help, remember that HTB is available – just message us at m.me/HoustonTributeBands.
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