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Blood Red Sky (U2) On Live Streaming In The Time Of Quarantine

Blood Red Sky (U2)

Blood Red Sky On Live Streaming In The Time Of Quarantine

ICYMI:  Blood Red Sky (U2) performed a grand experiment last night, a live stream performance of U2’s Until The End Of The World. Five cameras, seven mics, and what seemed like miles of cable tying together four different locations for a collaborative live performance. So how did it turn out? Watch the video and judge for yourself, and read our impromptu interview of the band immediately afterwards:

Until The End Of The World

We caught up with Blood Red Sky (U2) immediately following their live stream performance to get the details.

Mike: I notice doing these online videos that sometimes the video gets out of sync. I also notice that we (online videos in general) start off a little out of sorts and then snap to the drummer ASAP.

Alby: I’m researching to see who is best between WebEx, Zoom, and Go2. For video they all seem about the same, but the audio is the important thing to get sounding right. I’d rather sound be good than video for these type of things.

Alby: It’s not easy. That’s why it was only one song. We thought leaving them wanting more was the best way to go. We are going to do a longer show soon and maybe try practicing with all 3 to see which is the best for us.

Alby: I thought about that too. I asked myself, “Would I watch some other band for 60min doing this?” I don’t know.
Mike: A lot of people are doing 1-3 hour live streams and I can’t sit there and watch more than 20 minutes or so.
Alby: Online is cool, but I like the sights sounds and (sniff sniff) the smell of actual live shows. 30 minutes is probably the max we would ever do.

Alby: Mike & I are AV pros in our other lives so the two of us have gear to make stuff happen. You got to take it a step above on board mics and phone cameras. That where the PITA part comes in. I see too many of these videos just using their phones. Its okay, and easy, but you gotta be better if you want people to say “Hey look at these guys!”

Alby: No visits were made, but advice was handed out on how to. Gabe & Marcus have some gear in their bags too. Luckily for us the Edge is very echo & reverb heavy so it worked in our favor getting Gabe’s sound.
Gabe: It took a few hours to get the right sound. Even though I have that song programmed in the pedal board, it just didn’t sound right. So I had to do some modifications to get Alby a good quality sound.
Gabe: Thanks Danielle hope y’all are staying safe!!!
HTB: So far, so good! I wonder if we get a prize if we complete this level without getting the ‘rona? Glad you all have managed to stay safe too!
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