Houston Tribute Bands


What We Are

Houston Tribute Bands (HTB) is a dynamic community of Houston-based tribute band members from all genres, their fans, and the Houston venues that support the Houston tribute band scene.

Our primary mission is increasing awareness of all the great tribute bands based out of Houston, as well as tribute acts from surrounding cities that share the stage with Houston-based tributes. Our group works actively to connect fans with their favorite tribute acts and venues, and to discover new ones. We promote interaction between everyone with announcements, polls, discussions, videos and more.

Radio Duran, a tribute to Duran Duran
KISS Alike, a tribute to KISS

What We Do

  1. Increase social media presence by promoting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business, & YouTube channels.
  2. Increase awareness among venues, booking agents, talent buyers, and promoters of tribute bands that are available locally by publishing a directory.
  3. Increase awareness among fans by running the Houston Has That campaign on social media accounts and publishing a weekly newsletter.
  4. Feature Houston Tribute Bands’ Facebook page as a centralized and convenient resource for fans, booking agents, buyers, promoters and venues by featuring an updated, current calendar of every Houston tribute act, whether playing at home or away.

The Crew

Take a peek behind the curtain at the folks that make the trains run on time.

Danielle Bourgeois


Her superpowers include management, marketing, photography, videography, and copywriting. She co-manages Already Gone (Eagles), one of the region’s most successful tribute bands, and conducts the day-to-day operations of HTB, as well as authoring and editing the newsletter and website.

Joe Muscara

Founder, Advisory Board

Way back in 2011, professional musician Joe Muscara recognized the growing popularity of Houston’s tribute bands and created the Houston Tribute Bands page in response; the group (now Backstage With Houston Tribute Bands) followed a year later. He provides invaluable advice and direction at the administrative level. 

Brooke Alyson

Advisory Board

As the lead singer and manager of one of Houston’s most popular regional tributes, Nightbird (Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks), Brooke provides HTB with valuable input from a tribute artist’s perspective. She is an integral part of crafting HTB policies and guiding the decision-making process.

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